Land Use & Entitlements

Land use laws come into play on every real estate development, regardless of size.  If you're considering buying property or making improvements to property you already own, you need to understand and be aware of any restrictions before you commit.  Land use issues can be challenging to resolve and typically involve political issues such as zoning and permitting.

Obtaining land use entitlements often requires public hearings on the proposed use and/or improvements.  We know how to negotiate the politics and can tell you what to expect.  We act as your negotiator and when necessary, represent you before local city councils, zoning boards of adjustment, planning commissions, local governing bodies, and state and local agencies.

Acquisitions & Sales

Brilliant City can help you structure and negotiate desirable deals, conduct thorough due diligence, and then guide you efficiently through documentation and closing of the transaction.
Resolving environmental liability issues is another strength of our practice.  We draft effective provisions in real estate documents that address environmental issues important to purchasers, sellers, and lenders. Our experience includes sophisticated acquisition and sales such as multi-asset acquisitions and assemblage of multiple tracts for development.
Large of small, we can help you with all of the legal aspects of your real estate transaction or sale.  

Real Estate Lending

Real estate financing in today's environment requires creativity and adaptability.  Our attorneys leverage these skills to help you overcome the challenges of the current market.  We represent financial institutions, borrowers, and private investors in real estate loan and commercial transactions.

Our experience includes financing with:

   ~Secured debt instruments
   ~Mezzanine & other equity lending
   ~Convertible loans
   ~Interest rate swaps

Brilliant City represents borrowers and lenders with respect to:

   ~Note purchases & sales

Our clients appreciate our ability to coordinate multiple parties to complete transactions quickly and successfully.



Brilliant City councils property owners and construction companies on contract negotiation and preparation, general business matters, environmental issues, and construction disputes.  Additionally, we have experience with governmental development incentives and other public/private incentives.



Not all leases are the same.  Office leases, industrial leases, retail leases, master leases, and ground leases all have their own unique challenges.  Brilliant City learns your business needs, advises you on risks, and negotiates and drafts the details that protect your interests. 

Brilliant City also assists in restructuring and enforcing lease transactions.  We represent landlords, tenants, equity providers, and lenders as well as help clients with sophisticated and routine leasing needs including development of all types of lease forms for project and portfolio owners. 

While we work on leases from time to time, we also have a close-knit broker network.  We meet weekly to review ongoing client projects, new leasing issues, legal and market developments, and current trends affecting our clients.  The result:  we thoroughly know the clients and their businesses, are familiar with the forms and key client issues, and can respond quickly to client needs.


Public-Private Partnerships

Brilliant City has extensive public-private partnership experience on both the corporate and public entity sides in connection with various industries and types of projects.  Experience highlights include:

Joint Ventures between Public Entities & Private Businesses
Assisting Public Entities with Agreements
Ground Leases
Master Developer Agreement for Power Plant
Draft of Request for Proposals for City Land Redevelopment